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Discover yourself through cooking

‘Discover yourself through Cooking’ has been designed to equip individuals with catering skills and knowledge and to provide them with the opportunities to gain experience within a kitchen. Learning to cook is an important life skill and is vital in promoting independence but it can also open doors to employment within the service- based economy we live in.

We offer adults work-based experience in our kitchen and Fill the GAP café, supporting with CV writing, confidence building, and next steps to employability. Our environment is non-judgemental, and our development programs are delivered at a speed that suits you.


Discover yourself through cooking, also offers great opportunities for young people transitioning into adult life, giving them cookery skills needs to support themselves alongside mentoring and other life skills. As part of our delivery, we have partnered up with The Westminster School and College, and more recently Brades Lodge to offer a 12-week tailored program suited for SEND students.  Click on the links below to get more information from our Agency pack or our student leaflet.

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