Say Hello to Our Board Members

Victoria Ketcher

Volunteer Marketing Director

I was very fortunate to find this role at The Gap Centre as the visions and values they have are very aligned with mine and I've really enjoyed bringing my marketing skills in to assist with any communications they need help with. One of the projects I have enjoyed most was helping to revive this website, and now I think it is much more reflective of the energy The Gap holds when you visit in real life! I've also learnt a lot more about the workings of a charity and being a charity trustee so I have found it really interesting.

When I'm not working at my day job in a marketing agency or supporting The Gap I love to eat out, spend time with my friends and family or hang out with my dog Duffy!


Michelle Slimm

Human Resources

As a HR professional being able to see how The Gap has made a difference is the key for me , and people are the most important aspects , I have a real passion for seeing others thrive and develop, at The Gap we have people supporting people and The Gap represents a great family community and do some amazing things for the local people, The Gap welcomes diversity and the work the volunteers continue to do along with the staff is just amazing and it always makes me smile , it is a pleasure to offer my skills and knowledge to The GAP and of course the occasional baking of cakes for some of the fabulous events that The Gap puts on.

michelle Board.jpg

Nicola Whateley


As a Chartered Financial Planner. I have worked in financial services since 1999 and run a financial advice practice in South Birmingham.  I enjoy walking, baking, travelling and spending quality time with my family and friends when I am not working. I joined the GAP as financial director in 2019 after meeting Andy at a Networking event and being inspired by his vision for the GAP centre. I firmly believe in the charities goals and ethos and enjoy being part of the team at the GAP helping to support the local community come together.

Nicola Board.jpg

Les Trumpeter

Director and Vice Chair

My first experience of The Gap dream would been when I was around the age of 10 where I attended some events and functions headed up by Andy Bent at the old Hargate Chapel (which later became The Gap). Over time I witnessed the ideas and formation of The Gap coming to fruition. I forged a career in business and I’m now a Director of a Sandwell based social care company.  My focus on the board is generally around the business element of the charity, of which I can bring some transferrable skills across from my day job, but my main overarching aim is to help deliver the community a new building that we can all be proud of. I have two young children, and both have experienced The Gap for themselves with ‘Christmas is a time to love’ being their favourite event.