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Providing a stimulating environment for children, young people and communities to explore, grow and develop through play.

Our Approach


At The GAP, we feel it is important to encourage children to engage in all sorts of activities that broaden their imagination and skill set, along with keeping them active and healthy!

We strive to ensure that our children do not miss out on this hugely important and ‘fun’ part of childhood. We do a lot of outdoor play – and yes, this means that children get dirty! Have you heard the expression ‘A dirty child is a happy child’? We have found this to be very true! As part of our ‘learning skills through play’ ethic, we engage in many activities that other playcentres do not. Under strict supervision, we help children to safely learn basic ‘back to nature’ skills. This includes den building, construction, fire making and water/snow play. 

We believe this to be more interesting than being sat in front of a games console for hours at a time… and more importantly, our children agree!

Along with our play activities we also follow a theraputic approach throughout the setting supporting children's mental health and wellbeing. Staff have worked with TPC therapy and attended mental health first aid to support and promote a safe environment for children to express themselves appropriately.

Please feel free to ask more questions about the type of activities your child will engage in at The Gap…

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