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Community Connect/Family Support

supporting the community

Place of welcome for anyone over the age of 18, offering company and support to everyone in the community.  We offer free drinks and snacks, Activities, such as card playing, Jenga, colouring, simple gardening activities such as potting plants and seeds All free of charge.

Every Wednesday 10am-12noon, 

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Can you help us support families in need?

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Emergency Parcels

One way we support local people is by giving them a platform in which to use their voice, whether that be via our online social media presence or within our monthly community meetings where people are invited to discuss local issues but also have a say in how The Gap operates; we exist for the community and rely on your input to best serve it. 


The cost-of-living crisis has directly impacted people’s standard of living with many people and families finding it increasingly difficult to stretch their finances until their next payday. We are on hand to provide emergency food parcels to those in need as well as help with budgeting. 

We can assist people on a 1-1 basis with making telephone calls, completing forms and liaising with other organisations on your behalf and our local knowledge is helpful when finding additional support for people if required.  

Asking for support can be a massive step for some people but rest assured that here at The Gap you will be treated with respect, we offer a safe space where you won’t be judged.  


We also recognise the importance of preserving and maintaining the environment in instilling community pride so we organise weekly litter-picks on Wednesday mornings to tidy up the local area, and on our allotment, we can provide opportunities for people to learn how to grow fruit and vegetables, so if you are interested in either of these activities ...please get in touch!

We are always accepting donations for non perishable food and toiletries to help us provide food parcels locally

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