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Welcome  to the legendary Gap Centre, your thriving community group at the very heart & soul of West Bromwich & Sandwell. We’re here to help you and your children achieve extraordinary things.

We’re here to help you take gigantic leaps forward in life.

We’re here to help. Full stop.

In fact our entire reason for being is to enable the great and unique folk of Sandwell to grab life by the horns and make genuine progress. And for over 20 years now we’ve been successfully doing just that with activities and services that have aided, influenced and guided countless grateful children, young people, adults, families and indeed whole communities . Our ethos and values were established on the foundations of our founders Christian faith. 


It feels like we've only just started! 

But in fact, The GAP Centre humbly began in 2000 – with the worthy goal of bridging the ever growing gap between the church, and the local community’s perception of the church. The idea of making meaningful connections with people and communities, starting where they are and through relationship, journey with together offering support and practical helps to each other.


So we welcome people of all races and religions. People from all different types of background, with all different kinds of life experience.

Our lived experiences together stir up a passion to ensure everyone feels like they belong, they are valued, they are loved and they have something to offer. 


Our origins are based in our founder's Christian faith and belief, and his lived experience. and today we continue to stay true to our foundations. 

In doing so, we’ve welcomed countless thousands of wonderful people through the Centre’s door – and intend on making life that little bit better for many thousands more in the years and decades to come.

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