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Thank you for supporting our Charity

In a time when everyone is struggling with managing their finances, our charity is extremely indebted to local companies and organisations that have given their time, services or financial donation to ensure the work of our charity continues.  The impact of such donations goes well beyond the obvious budgeting implications, but it makes a statement of belief in the work our staff and volunteers do on a day to day basis, boosting morale and confidence in their ability to deliver and impact their local community.  Since the charity started we have always believe in the concept that "it takes a village to raise a child" and if we all committed to our small part of the jigsaw then the bigger picture is achieved.

"The Inner Wheel club of Wednesbury is part of an International volunteering association linked with Rotary, who try to help people and communities at home and around the world to live a better life. 

As president I have chosen my charity this year 'The GAP Christian Family Centre'. Their beliefs and works are similar to our own, empowering peopleto live their best lifes. I beleive this is a much needed and worthwhile cause. 

Best Wishes for the future!

Karen Jerrison Incoming President 2023-24

WBOS were delighted to make a small donation to this very worthwhile charity

GAP is a wonderful local charity with community and family at it’s heart.

This is true also of our society, as at WBOS we like to feel that we are a community and family

As many of our members have connections dating back to 1938 when our company began.

Being a local charity is so important to us, we are always very conscious of our West Bromwich roots

And have always rehearsed here, even though many of our members now live further away.

WBOS are very appreciative of the splendid work carried out by GAP and it is our pleasure to give

Some support.

We wish them well in all their future endeavours.


Vivien Davis

WBOS - Chair

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