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Buzzing Kidspace-After School Club

SOMETIMES the kids tell us…

…After School Club is so good… they don’t want to go home! Our apologies for that, but we do try our hardest to ensure every visit is a joyous one for our children!

You can go about your own business in the knowledge that your children are not only in the safest hands possible, but quite possibly having the best time of their life while with us.

Children are collected from school and walk back to the centre. This is where the adventure begins. While having fun along the way, children also learn an underdtanding of road safety. When children arrive at the gap children can expect endless lists of games, den building, messy play, exploring our outdoor area and much more, all while in a safe and supportive environment.. 

We currently service the following West Bromwich Primary Schools: Hargate Primary and Eaton Valley Primary,  We feed them a nutritious meal (in keeping with their personal dietary requirements) and a fruit snack. Our qualified play staff stimulate and encourage them to use their imagination and further develop their growing skills.

So by the time you arrive to collect them at 6pm, you’ll be welcomed by some very happy children indeed.

We’ll be happy to chat to you in more detail about the club.

Click below to register you and your children, All new registrations will be reviewed by Chelsea, before your booking will be approved.

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