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What We Do

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Wide Awake -Before School Club

HEALTHY, well fed, wide awake and happy…

All the things your kids will be by the time they go to school if they attend our Before School Club. So you can go to work knowing they’re in the safest hands possible.

A choice of nutritious breakfast options are available to children attending Before School Club, should they wish to choose one. Following breakfast, our play envirionment with fun atmosphere helps to stimulate your child in preperation for their day at school, which will in turn enhance their educational achievement.

The Gap Centre is of course, enormously proud of our qualified play team and their work, and we are delighted to chat or answer any questions parents might have. Contact us to find out more.


Epic Adventure -After School Club

SOMETIMES the kids tell us…

…After School Club is so good… they don’t want to go home ! Our apologies for that, but we do try our hardest to ensure every visit is a joyous one for our children!

You can go about your own business in the knowledge that your children are not only in the safest hands possible, but quite possibly having the greatest adventure of their life while with us.

From an endless list of games… to building gargantuan dens… to striding out into the garden and exploring every nook and cranny… the children thrive in a very positive atmosphere.

We pick them up from school. We currently service the following West Bromwich Primary Schools: Hargate Primary, Eaton Valley Primary, St Mary Madalene C of E and All SAints C of E. We feed them a nutritious meal (in keeping with their personal dietary requirements) and a fruit snack. Our qualified play staff stimulate and encourage them to use their imagination and further develop their growing skills.

So by the time you arrive to collect them at 6pm, you’ll be welcomed by some very happy children indeed.

We’ll be happy to chat to you in more detail about the club.

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Our Approach

In an age where technology has taken the place of creative play, and kids have forgotten how to ‘be kids’, we have found that many children miss out on the kind of adventures we ourselves had as children in days gone by.

At The GAP, we feel it is important to encourage children to engage in all sorts of activities that broaden their imagination and skill set, along with keeping them active and healthy! Whilst there isn’t a problem engaging with modern technology (quite the opposite given that it is an essential skill for most work environments), there is a problem when learning through good old fashioned play is completely overlooked. Not at The Gap!

At The Gap, we strive to ensure that our children do not miss out on this hugely important and ‘fun’ part of childhood. We do a lot of outdoor play – and yes, this means that children get dirty! Have you heard the expression ‘A dirty child is a happy child’? We have found this to be very true! As part of our ‘learning skills through play’ ethic, we engage in many activities that other playcentres do not. Under strict supervision, we help children to safely learn basic ‘back to nature’ skills. This includes den building, construction, fire making and water/snow play.

We believe this to be more interesting than being sat in front of a games console for hours at a time… and more importantly, our children agree!

Please feel free to ask more questions about the type of activities your child will engage in at The Gap…

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