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Couple Walking

The Gap Walking Group
cancelled until Spring 2023

Every Friday at 10am

The GAP Christian Family Centre

Walking Group Agreement

The GAP Christian Family Centre seeks to support the enjoyment and well-being of all our beneficiaries.  Our walking group is just one of the ways we support this, and the following guidance will hopefully ensure everyone enjoys their time with us.

  • Please arrive just before the advertised time, to allow us to start the walk promptly and all together.

  • You are encouraged to wear comfortable appropriate shoes and clothing as well as bringing own refreshments especially in warmer weather. Don’t forget to put sun cream on and bring your rain mac, our weather changes quickly.

  • Before starting your first walk with us we will ask you to provide emergency contact details and next of kin contact, in case of an accident. You are encouraged to inform our volunteers of any potential risks, or health matters, and discuss any appropriate actions before you embark on the walk.

  • Our walk volunteers will explain the planned route at the start of each session. Please note, all walks will be between 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes and will include a 10-minute break half way round.

  • Walks will be planned in advance and where possible we will keep to even surfaces to ensure the walks are accessible to all abilities.

  • Walk volunteers will be identified by wearing a fluorescent jacket (with the GAP’s logo printed) and volunteer lanyard.

  • Walk volunteers will always carry a mobile phone, first aid kit and group members emergency contact details.

  • Dogs are permitted to attend the walk with a responsible owner.

  • Dogs should remain calm, under control and on a short lead. Walkers with dogs will be encouraged to stay at the back of the group, for the enjoyment and well-being of all other walkers.

  • Children under 16 are allowed to join the walk only during school holidays and must be with a responsible adult at all times

  • In participating in our walks, you agree to and understand that you remain responsible for your own safety and well-being throughout the walk and although gap walk volunteers carry a basic first aid kit and will offer support as they deem appropriate at the time, they are not medically trained (Volunteers will call the emergency services, if requested), neither will accept any responsibility for accident, injury, loss or damage resulting from your walk, either directly or indirectly

  • The walk volunteers will endeavour to pick out the most accessible and safest route, but individuals have to make their own judgements knowing their own capabilities and limitations.

  •  The Gap Christian Family Centre has public liability insurance cover. However, this is not a personal accident insurance and all individual must be aware they walk at their own risk.

  • Individuals are encouraged to walk behind the identified volunteer and to stay with the group, to enable us to support your safety and well-being.

  • We will encourage on each walk, and individual to act as a back-marker, again wearing a GAP jacket to try and keep the group together.

  • We will try to make sure that we walk in an area where walkers can rest if needs be and have optional shorter routes to cater for all needs.

  • Photos may be taken during the walks for advertising purposes, if you do not wish to have your photo taken please let us know below.

  • Personal and sensitive information will be requested and kept in accordance to the GAP Christian Family Centre’s GDPR policy and Confidentiality Policy and will only be share on a need-to-know basis. E.g in an emergency with emergency services

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