Welcome  to the legendary Gap Centre, your thriving community group at the very heart & soul of West Bromwich & Sandwell.

We’re here to help you and your children achieve extraordinary things.

We’re here to help you take gigantic leaps forward in life.

We’re here to help. Full stop.

In fact our entire reason for being is to enable the great and unique folk of Sandwell to grab life by the horns and make genuine progress.

And for fifteen years now we’ve been successfully doing just that with child care facilities that have aided, influenced and guided countless grateful parents across the community.

As a church-related charity we believe it’s our Christian duty to do our utmost to help people of every faith living in and around our area.

But it’s a bit daft for us to just keep blowing our own trumpet- whynot take a look at the rest of our dynamic new site to see exactly what we can do for you.

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And it feels like we’ve only just started!

In fact, The GAP Centre humbly began in 2000 – with the worthy goal of bridging the ever growing gap between the church, and the local community’s perception of the church. The idea being to better serve the people of Sandwell and their needs.

So we welcome people of all races and religions.

People from all different types of background, with all different kinds of life experience.

And we bring you all together as harmoniously as we possibly can.

We are a Christian organisation, and do our utmost to uphold Christian values of decency, kindness and understanding.

We’ve come to recognise that people’s lives are very different from those the church once viewed as “the norm” and we have adapted our understanding to stay attuned to the many complications, quirks and joys of modern life.

In doing so, we’ve welcomed countless thousands of wonderful people through the Centre’s door – and intend on making life that little bit better for many thousands more in the years and decades to come.


WE’LL never be content to just simply rest on our laurels.

The Gap Centre’s future will include a sparkling new premises in the next year or so, and we intend to make it into a unique flagship centre for all that can be achieved by a charity in Sandwell and far, far beyond.

Within it, we’ll be able to further develop our existing Centre of Excellence – a facility devised to share good practice and work with other out of school provisions like ours.

The Centre of Excellence will develop and share its Reuse-Resource Centre – which recycles waste resources from the local area and uses them in the play environment.

And the Centre will continue to develop strong bonds with industry and social enterprises throughout Sandwell, including  Tonic Events Management to encourage our youths to participate in the performing arts, whilst also tackling any difficult social issues they may be faced with away from the centre.

And we’ll maintain our great devotion to the family units of Sandwell, by opening a small bistro that will allow families to spend quality time together in our healthy, positive environment.

With these great plans, and so many other ambitious ideas for the Centre’s future, we hope you’ll agree that we are intent on achieving many more tremendous things for Sandwell.

We just hope you’ll join us and experience the same thrill of progress as we already are.