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Epic Outdoor Adventures @ The GAP

In an age where technology has taken the place of creative play, and kids have forgotten how to ‘be kids’, we have found that many children miss out on the kind of adventures we ourselves had as children in days gone by. At The GAP, we feel it is important to encourage children to engage in all sorts of activities that broaden their imagination and skill set, along with keeping them active and healthy! Whilst there isn’t a problem engaging with modern technology (quite the opposite given that it is an essential skill for most work environments), there is a problem when learning through good old fashioned play is completely overlooked. Not at The Gap!

At The Gap, we strive to ensure that our children do not miss out on this hugely important and ‘fun’ part of childhood. We do a lot of outdoor play – and yes, this means that children get dirty! Have you heard the expression ‘A dirty child is a happy child’? We have found this to be very true! As part of our ‘learning skills through play’ ethic, we engage in many activities that other playcentres do not. Under strict supervision, we help children to safely learn basic ‘back to nature’ skills. This includes den building, construction, fire making and water/snow play.

We believe this to be more interesting than being sat in front of a games console for hours at a time… and more importantly, our children agree!

Please feel free to ask more questions about the type of activities your child will engage in at The Gap…

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Back to basics!

Children and nature go hand in hand. Being naturally inquistive, it is great to be able to encourage them to enjoy learning basic skills in an outdoor environment. From gathering wood to be used for fire – making, to building their own dens, children just love being part of a team and given the opportunity to explore nature!
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Sweet Treat!

Once the children have worked together to collect the firewood needed, and safely built a fire, they love being rewarded by having the opportunity to toast their own marshmallows!

Making a splash!

Our children just love water play! To be more specific, they love to soak the adults during water play! But we don’t mind, we are big kids at heart and it is important to us that children have the chance to have fun whenever and wherever possible!